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NOVEMBER 2, 2018

Reach New Heights

The Preneed Summit offers managers and producers the chance to spend an intensive day working with experts – and each other – to solve some of our greatest challenges in earning referrals, developing staff and growing market share.

Experts from within and outside the profession will help you:

  • Implement simple, step-by-step strategies to begin getting referrals immediately.
  • Develop a consistent, quality method to get feedback from clients.
  • Leverage reviews and ratings to build brand loyalty.

The event – the first of its kind – also includes separate roundtable tracks for managers and producers.

Managers will get the chance to work together to face challenges in recruiting, hiring, managing, motivating, and, yes, even terminating, members of a sales team.

Producers will work together to overcome obstacles related to lead generation, appointment-setting, and the sales process – including the all-important close.

Sponsored by Homesteaders and Brought to You by KB

Homesteaders Life Company


Dan Allison

President and Founder, Feedback Marketing Group

Dan Isard

Founder and President, The Foresight Companies

Jeff Harbeson

Director of Marketing, The Foresight Companies

West Foulger

COO and President of Business Development, Envision Strategic Partners

Benji Cumbie

Founder of Foothills Planning Services

Jason Troyer, Ph.D.

Founder at Mt Hope Grief Services


Friday, November 2, 2018

7:30 AM - 8:00 AM

Networking Breakfast

8:00 AM - 8:30 AM

Finding Resilience  

Jason Troyer, Ph.D., C.T., will present information on a new burnout prevention program called Finding Resilience. Developed in collaboration with Homesteaders Life Company, this unique program is designed specifically for funeral professionals to help prevent burnout and reduce career fatigue. Troyer will provide a brief overview of the program, how it differs from other career fatigue programs and the following materials:  

  • A comprehensive how-to guidebook.
  • A writing journal with inspirational prompts.
  • Access to a variety of free online resources, including regular blog posts, video messages and weekly motivational emails.  

You’ll walk away with tools and expert advice that you can immediately begin to use and apply in your personal and professional lives.

8:30 AM - 10:00 AM


You’ll leave Dan Allison’s workshops motivated to take action and armed with a workable, step-by-step plan to achieve results.

Audiences who attend Allison’s sessions report immediate improvements in their client relationships as well as their bottom line.

A New Approach to Earning Referrals—The Speech that Started It All

Allison’s flagship presentation engages participants with an ideal blend of humor, insight, and strategy. In this presentation, Allison will walk you through the real problem that consumers face in referring friends and associates to do business with your funeral home. Then he will reveal simple strategies so you can start getting referrals right away.

Drawing from his background in clinical and behavioral psychology, Allison has interviewed hundreds of clients to learn how they want to be approached. The results are detailed in this popular talk that has been described as “brilliantly simple,” “eye-opening,” and “the most refreshing presentation in years.” You’ll learn:

  • Why the majority of your clients do not give referrals as frequently as they could.
  • The true roadblocks that prevent most professionals from creating effective referral relationships.
  • How to implement simple, step-by-step strategies to begin getting referrals immediately.

The Six Questions and Answers That Will Change Your Career  

Wouldn’t it be valuable to know exactly how your clients would answer the following questions?

  • What is the most valuable part of their experience with you as a funeral professional?
  • What are the things you could do to make your clients’ experience with you so rewarding that they want to recommend you to others?
  • Exactly how do your clients want to be approached about referrals in a way that is professional and effective?

Allison will show you how to implement a professional method of getting feedback on issues that are critical to their business – and how this can result in a better client experience and significantly more referrals. Called by some a “referral approach for the Anti-Salesperson,” this segment will inspire you and your team to address these important issues so you can immediately earn new business. You’ll learn:

  • How having a consistent method of getting quality feedback from clients can improve client relationships and lead to increased referrals.
  • The six questions that are essential for developing effective client relationships.
  • A step-by-step approach to asking clients these six questions in a comfortable environment so you can enjoy amazing results.

10:15 AM - 12:00 PM

BREAKOUT SESSION - Attendees will break out into two separate tracks designed specifically for producers and managers. 

Led by Benji Cumbie, Founder of Foothills Planning Services, preneed salespeople will enjoy the opportunity to discuss and solve common and unique challenges in lead generation, appointment-setting and the sales process – including the all-important close. Like the managers’ roundtable, this is a participant-centered session — so come prepared with your toughest situations and greatest fears and be prepared to overcome them in this specially-designed breakout for personal producers.

Led by West Foulger, COO of Envision Strategic Partners, preneed managers will enjoy the opportunity to discuss and solve common or unique challenges in recruiting, hiring, managing, motivating, and, yes, even terminating, members of a sales team. Wondering about systems and processes, such as the latest CRM products? Foulger has seen and tried many. Questions about compensation design — bring them on! Because content is participant-centered, you will get from this roundtable as much as you put in — so come prepared with your toughest situations and be prepared to solve them in this specially-designed breakout for managers.

12:00 PM - 1:00 PM


1:00 PM - 2:00 PM


After sitting in a session with Dan Isard and Jeff Harbeson (also known as “The Funeral Commander”), you’ll never approach preneed the same.

Isard and Harbeson have designed an entirely new presentation just for the attendees of the Preneed Summit.

How to Make Preneed Your Teammate for the Future

You’ll learn what criteria consumers use in choosing a funeral home as well as the characteristics of your ideal customer. Even more importantly, you’ll discover proven ways to identify and attract families who haven’t decided which funeral home deserves their patronage.

The duo will also examine how to improve response to direct mail as well as how to establish or advance an online outreach campaign that delivers results. With their guidance, you’ll learn how to:

  • Leverage reviews and ratings to build brand loyalty.
  • Sell products and services to all families – even the ones who initially say they want a “direct cremation.”
  • Grasp the importance of fixed costs and variable costs – and use that understanding to significantly boost profits.
  • Create offers that resonate with individuals open to prearranging.  

Get a broad view of the preneed landscape, identify the potential to reach more families and get the guidance you need to boost market share before competitors beat you to it with these critical lessons and insights from Isard and The Funeral Commander.

2:15 PM - 3:30 PM

BREAKOUT SESSION - Attendees break out again into two separate tracks designed specifically for producers and managers.

Designed specifically for preneed salespeople and led once again by Benji Cumbie, this second breakout will continue to focus on solving common and unique challenges in lead generation, appointment-setting and the sales process. Come prepared to share your experiences and most difficult challenges because Cumbie is prepared to tackle your toughest situations and demonstrate how to come out with a win every time!

Recruiting, hiring, managing, motivating, and, yes, even terminating, members of a sales team are all in a day’s work for managers. In this session, Foulger is back for an interactive session about systems and processes, including CRM products, and compensation design. In this participant-centered session, managers will have an opportunity to bring their toughest situations to the table and work together to find the best solutions.

3:30 PM

BONUS: Closing Remarks and Q&A with Our Speakers

HOTEL - $149 per night

Renaissance Concourse Atlanta Airport Hotel


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